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Thousands, millions of individuals work, produce and save...

Thousands, millions of individuals work, produce and save... spite of everything we can invent to put spokes in their wheels, to thwart them, discourage them.It is the natural vocation that spurs them, not merely the thirst for money. Enthusiasm, the pride in seeing one’s business grow and prosper, seeing it acquire reputation and inspire trust in an ever greater range of customers, expand the industrial plant, embellish the sites – all these aspects constitute a driving force of progress every bit as powerful as that of profit. How else could we understand those entrepreneurs who invest all their energies and money in their business, for returns that are much more modest than those they could comfortably and safely get through other pursuits.

(Luigi Einaudi “Dedica all’impresa dei Fratelli Guerrino di Dogliani” 1960)

The company

Trois I Investissements Industriels Internationaux sa is an independent, family owned holding company focused on long term investments. 

Established in the late ‘90s in London, Trois I moved to Luxembourg in 2006, with the aim to take advantage of the country’s potential as an EU based financial platform.

The team

Trois I is directly managed by its only shareholder, Daniele Cardoso, supported by an Advisory Board composed of a group of distinguished international senior professionals who each bring the highest level of expertise in areas relevant to the company’s investments. 

Through the close collaboration of a team of highly skilled advisors, Trois-I strives to maximize its results, backed by years of experience and acquired competence.

Internal team

The local Luxembourg team is in charge of portfolio companies relationship, accounting and finance.

External Teams

A selected group of external senior advisors, based both in the US and Europe, give their added value covering specific industries or investment expertise in Biotech, Media, Pharma and Shipping, as well as in investment strategies, portfolio and risk management.

Trois-i column


Strengthened by an extensive network of global contacts, Trois-I’s investment philosophy is characterised by an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, inspired by traditional financial fundamentals as well as economic megatrends and with an eye always towards innovation.

Trois-I invests in publicly traded asset classes, in Private Equity, Venture Capital Funds, combined with direct investment and private debt financing.


Since its inception, Trois I has supported different charitable endeavours worldwide, with a particular focus on socially-driven projects.




Trois-I acted as a lead investor in Sportall Seed round. Sportall is a French innovative video platform dedicated to sport events combining production and streaming.

Blackbox Multimedia


Trois-I became the major shareholder of BBMM. BlackBox Multimedia is an innovative dynamic production company with the mission to produce scripted television for all screens.



Trois-I co-invested in Spinofrin with Techno Founders Participations. Spinofrin, an innovative French start-up created in 2018, is specialized in submicron materials with high added value.


Trois-I and its affiliated companies consolidated a strategic network through the membership to their relevant worldwide business communities.


Trois-I is proudly member of


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